Jacqui Page


So this is what happens when you focus on the process and not the result. Current Phoenix Fitness member Jacqui trains regularly either with weight-based gym workouts or by taking part in the Hour of Power classes.


Jacqui has:

  • Trained regularly.

  • Maintained a balanced eating habit without adopting the unsustainable over restriction of calories approach.

  • Added more protein-based foods to her diet.

  • Increased muscle mass to help raise her calorie burning rate.


Jacqui has NOT:

  • Focused on weight loss.

  • Spent endless hours on a bike or treadmill.

  • Started eating nothing but salad.

  • Bought into any quick fix diet plan.

  • Joined a slimming club.


The result is five dress sizes lost in twelve months, and more importantly, no sign of any regain in size or weight.

How much weight has Jacqui lost?

Who cares: she looks fantastic!